This merch item was made to commemorate the 323 Block Party held in Springvale on April 7th 2022. This was an event created for the community, by the community.

Bringing the very best talent to the streets of Springvale, this event was monumental in the town's history as well as for the 323 Block Party Team. 

The humans behind the 323 Block Party Co. are a collective of artists and entrepreneurs who share a common love for dance, music and community. FLYING ART STUDIOS® a creative video company founded by David Nguyen and Kim Long Nem, Gud St. a Melbourne (Naarm) based streetwear clothing label and DJ Antagonize a Melbourne (Naarm) based DJ and Krumper joined forces to create a dance and music event that stays true to the essence of hip-hop culture, the party!


323 Block Party Tee | 2022 Springvale Edition