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What's Inspiring Us? Jan 2023 Edition

Every so often, we share a little insight into what’s inspiring our team here at Flying Art Studios.

Creatives can sometimes feel like they’re stuck and ideas can stop flowing…

That’s why we like to take a step back and think bigger.

We ask the question:

What is the rest of the world doing?

What can I watch to draw inspiration from?

Now, this isn’t an excuse to binge watch Netflix.

It’s a perspective to think critically and enjoy pieces of work with a creative eye.

Here are some great pieces we’ve stumbled upon this month.

HOBBY - an Adobe Pocket Film (~4 minute video) This clever short film was an entry into a competition run by Adobe. This film was shot all on an iPhone with a DJI OM 4 gimbal.

It’s a perfect example of how you can still produce amazing quality content with rich stories, without waiting to get the right piece of equipment. The tools help you create but a lack of tools shouldn’t stop you from creating.


(~2.5 minute video)

This one is for the animators and animation lovers. The way that the artist pushes the boundaries with the perspective of this shape is very fun to watch. It’s a lesson in focusing on one visual and exploring different possibilities to tell a story and expand on a simple idea. We hope that you can bring more significance into shots or visuals that seem small on the surface but can be explored further with a bit of creativity.

Jean Michel Blais - Passepied

(~ 4 minute video)

And finally a piece that we’ve had a great chance to analyse as a team. The production value is high quality, the choice of shots and the music is a culmination of great art. Not to mention the casting, the choreography and the cinematography. There is so much to love about this piece but we’ll let you take what you will from it. One other thing to think about here is that, even though there is no dialogue in this piece and the previous piece, there is still clearly a storyline that we follow. Our minds are always trying to ‘get it’ and we should trust that our work will be

interpreted this way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ We find a lot of inspiration from the staff picks section of Vimeo as it’s a great source of high quality work, however we encourage you to go out there and search for inspiration in many different places. For our future inspiration posts, we’ll be sending different forms of art for those of you that find inspiration through other mediums. Thank you for reading this far into the email, we hope that we can bring value to you and what you do. We do this for the community as we believe that there is power in art and we want to keep that alive. We wish you all the best in your future projects and we hope that we get to share a space with you soon to create. With love,

The Flying Art Studios Team ❤️

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