a film about us.

Flying Art Studios is a creative production company with a mission to empower artists and businesses alike to enhance their brand through original storytelling. Guided by our love of movies, we believe that beautifully crafted films are the highest form of expression in illustrating any story. 

We are a collective of creatives that care. 

We care about our people,

We care about our environment and

We care about curating the finest creative content for our clients. 

our team

David Nguyen

Co-founder & Director

Has over a decade of experience in film production and since co-founding Flying Art Films, has been involved in producing and directing over 800 different video projects with both interstate and international artists/businesses.

Kylie Chan

Marketing Manager

Kylie's contributed to the branding success of over 50 businesses since 2016. With a keen interest in design, photography, writing & communication strategies, she's been with flying art since the year of inception.

Mischa Wang


From short films & music videos to campaigns, Mischa always channels her passion for representation for POC, women and LGBTQ+ in the industry. SHE LOVES SHOOTING ON 16mm + 35mm for professional & personal projects.

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Kim Long Nem

Co-founder & Writer

Known for his infectious energy, our resident writer, Kim, is the mastermind behind the scripting and ideas for our short films and commercials.

Dominic Bui

Post-production Manager

When he’s not dancing, snowboarding, or playing video games, Dom's a senior video editor and motion graphics designer, passionate about all things post-production.

Alec Pernes

Social Media Executive

Alec is a young marketing gun that came to Flying Art Films with a brilliant attitude towards branding and culture that has made him an invaluable member of the team since 2019.

Ariane Ang

Accounts & Legal Administrator

Organisational wiz, Ariane, has extensive experience in creating and managing databases across multiple organisations. With a background in law, Ariane manages the finalisation of contracts & legal matters.


After establishing ourselves as a force to be reckoned with in 2016, we've learnt a thing or two about the importance of community & culture.

As we grow and mature, both as people and as a company, so do our family, friends, clients and day one supporters and therefore we are always doing our best to maintain these relationships and show our appreciation and gratitude for these people.

Over the years we've become notorious for throwing parties, bringing our community together, putting on local artists and DJ's and creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. 



Kaizen (改善) is the Japanese business philosophy of gaining satisfaction through continuous improvement. 

Through continuously improving at our craft of filmmaking and creativity everyday, we established the Kaizen Creative Workshops as a way of giving back and sharing our knowledge of filmmaking to build a stronger creative community and inspire the next generation of filmmakers in Melbourne.