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made with love

We've had the pleasure of working with businesses, big and small, in Australia and overseas - to craft original stories that they can proudly show off for years.

From music videos and commercials to event coverage and internal training videos - as long as you've got a story, we've got a camera. 

We love videos so much that we eat scripts for breakfast.

Image by Jonathan Cooper


People don't want to feel like they're being sold to, that's why we create films that not only entertain, but also authentically illustrate a brand's story. 

FA_Black Squiggles.png

Sound and visuals go hand in hand, and with our background in street dance, we bring a whole new game of musicality, choreography and rhythm to our music videos.

Urban Dance


Music Festival


Capturing events is more than just picking up a camera and pressing record. It's about reading the room, understanding what moments to capture, all the while being a fly on the wall.

Image by Matt Hardy


Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
— Destin Sparks

Whether you're wanting to showcase fashion, new products, or simply want to have beautiful imagery of your event, we have a highly talented team of photographers who will be able to capture those moments for you the way that you want.

lifehub logo.jpg

Chris Cannon, Founder

Life Hub

Flying Art Films brings our brand to life with videos that truly portray our vision.

Their content delivery continues to inspire not just our community but innovation from our team.

To know you’ve got amazing creators by your side gives you everything you need to deliver your message to the world.


Tam Le, Executive Assistant

Roll'd Vietnamese

The Flying Art team are first to come to mind whenever we are in need of photo or video coverage. We have had a long term partnership for 3 years now and trust their creative direction which aligns with our brand. The team's professionalism on shoot days and quick turnaround times is why we can always rely on Flying Art Films! 

Wildfighter Logo.jpg

Will Tomlinson, Founder


I've been working with Flying Art for over 18 months now on a range of different shoots for different brands & businesses. They always deliver! Their work is always unique, innovative & professional. I keep telling David and Kim, "you don't hire a genius to tell him what to do," and that's why I keep using them. I very rarely have to give them a brief and they still nail it!

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